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5 Things DJs should DO in a Soca Fete/Party

This is based on the feedback from normal party-goers and complaints via social media. I thought that this post would be helpful for other DJs to become even better at their craft and to mash up soca fetes.

Some DJs will hate me for this BUT Let’s get started!

5. Let big tunes play

Tunes like “Far From Finished” by Voice and “Single” by Orlando Octave deserve more than a five second play. Hell they deserve at least two verses for the crowd to pump to. Be sure to let the big soca tracks play and do not cut it off at all. Trust me you don’t want the people in the crowd to cuss you.

4. Pay attention to the crowd

You are there to play for the crowd and not for yourself. If you notice that the crowd is not receptive to the song or vibe change it quickly. There are so many DJs that play for themselves and their likes, get a feel for where you audience is and cater to them.

3. Expand your usual soca set

Benjai said he was fed up of the same ting Over & Over. The crowd probably is too. Although tunes like “It’s Carnival” “Faluma” “Tempted To Touch” and “Jump” are big soca tracks, that doesn’t mean that you have to repeat them every hour in the fete. There’s more than enough good soca music for 20+ years to play. Change up your DJ set (tunes that you play within a given night or shift) to compliment different audiences and take them on a soca journey.

2. Play music from the other islands

Soca music is created and enjoyed all over the Caribbean. Islands like Grenada, St. Lucia, Jamaica, St. Vincent, Barbados, Antigua and creating great soca tracks. Don’t be afraid to play new/old tracks from those regions.

1. Limit the talking

People come to a soca fete to have a good time, wine, drink, hug up a stranger and gett on bad. They didn’t come to hear a mic man or DJ talk while their favorite soca song is playing. Leave that for the Dancehall & Dub parties, limit your talking as much as you can.

Any suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments below. Just let soca music play and everyone will be Okay.

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Do you agree?

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