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Bazodee: The Good, The Bad and The Missed Opportunities

Bazodee Movie Cover

Some may call it a Bollywood movie, but that’s not exactly the best way to describe it. It’s not a Bollywood movie, but rather a Cariwood movie; a movie that was ten years in the making and highlights Indo-Caribbean culture and soca music. Upon this review, I hope you saw the movie; I mean real Machel fans should have seen it by now. Don’t worry there aren’t too many spoilers!

The Good

Soca is showcased in the movie

There is a good bit of soca and chutney music galore from Machel Montano. Songs like Real UnityYouGyal Wuk, and I Forget are ones to look forward to. The infectious soca beats will NOT keep you in your seat. Best believe I couldn’t stay still at all. I was singing, whining and laughing de whole movie.

You’ve been warned eh.

Highlights the positives of T&T in a positive light

In recent times, Trinidad & Tobago has been getting a lot of bad press between crime, racism, violence and corruption. Need I say more? Machel and the Bazodee team did a great job in capturing the beauty and spirit of Trinidad and Tobago, thus shedding a positive light on the island.

Family friendly movie

Many friends who wanted to see this movie were concerned that there would have been mildly nude or violent scenes. I’m happy to report that Bazodee isn’t that kind of film. Most importantly, the cast were all people of color, and diversity on the big screen is always a win.

The Bad

Basic storyline

You ever watch a movie where it’s boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, then boy and girl are driven apart, to be brought back together in the end? Bazodee follows exactly that kind of plot, with added humor and soca of course.

The ending was poorly executed

The biggest teef head moment of Bazodee was probably the ending. All of a sudden, Lee and Anita make up and live happily ever after like nothing happened. All the conflicts somehow resolved themselves and everything is just okay. I guess that’s why they named it Bazodee. I definitely felt so after that ending.

Missed Opportunities

Highlighting the culture of T&T

Although they did a great job of capturing the beauty of T&T through the scenery, there could have been more education on what J’ouvert and Carnival are and signify on the island. Although it is well-known among the West Indians watching the film, non-Caribbean folks may have no clue as to what the festival scenes were depicting.

The message about love & race

Bazodee touches on a huge ongoing issue in Trinidad & Tobago, which is love between two people of different backgrounds. Although Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most diverse countries in the Caribbean, it is still taboo for East Indians and Black people to get married. I think that could have been examined a bit better toward the ending of the movie.

Final Thoughts

A movie with soca music in it will always be a winner for me. It is a film based in the West Indies, with people of color and West Indians represented on the highest level. That said, I personally rate the movie 7/10 stars, despite the storyline.

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