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20 Parang Soca tunes that will make you baila this Christmas

Dec 4, 2016

Christmas time is officially here. I know every Trinidadian worldwide is blazing parang soca to reign in the season. Check out some of the songs on my playlist for the Christmas season. Bring out the cuatro and d Mandolin


20. Leroy- Scrunter

19. De Parang Now Start- Scrunter

18. It’s Christmas- Baron

17. Spanish Woman- Baron

16. Christmas Stagger Riddim

15. Come Go- Baron

14. Alegeria- Daisy Voisin (D Parang Queen)

13. Soca Santa- Machel Montano

12. Drinking Anything- Scrunter

11. Mamacita- Sharlene Boodram

10. Wrong House- Ninja

9. Eat Something- Scrunter

8. Drink Ah Rum- Scrunter

7. Homemade Wine- Scrunter

6. Black Cake Lover- Sugar Aloes

5. Caminate- Baron

4. Yvonne- Crazy

3. Maria- Crazy

2. Christmas Riddim

1. Black Cake & Sorrel- Da $pirits

What are your favorite soca parang tracks,hit the like button and leave them in the comments below.


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