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52 tracks you need to know before Trinidad Carnival 2017

Written by DJ JEL & NYC Soca Junkie

It has definitely been a long season with lots of quality and premium soca. With over 700+ songs released, sometimes it’s hard to find the hidden gems, we have managed to put together some of the top picks for the season including radio and party play.

Check out our 52 picks! Not feeling to read, just listen to all of them onthis 2017 Soca Mix.

  1. Ultimate Rejects took the hearts of many during the first weekend of the carnival season with “Full Extreme”. Definitely the most play in all the parties.
  2. Voice is just getting started when it comes to soca. He is “Far From Finished”.
  3. The Queen of Calypso, Calypso Rose returns to the scene with “Leave Me Alone”featuring Machel Montano.
  4. Bunji Garlin & Machel Montano broke the Internet with their ultimate J’ouvert anthem “Buss Head.”
  5. Ravi B, says that rum has gone up again according to his hit “Budget.”
  6. The posse from San Juan loves “Ramsingh” by Omardath Maharaj and Raymond Ramnarine
  7. Orlando Octave says that this carnival, it have plenty gyal who have man but acting like they “Single.”
  8. The Michael Jackson of soca, Machel Montano has given us his best single for the season “Fast Wine”.
  9. Kes The Band continues to jam up jam up with “Incredible.”
  10. While you were trying to get fit in the gym, Kes & Nailah Blackman were preparing their “Work Out.”
  11. The tune that made we wake up at 6am for its release. Machel Montano’sBeat It.”
  12. In case you and your significant other are taking a break, Destra & Farmer Nappy broke down the terms in “Technically.”
  13. Shal Marshall will make the girls “Dip” and spread out.
  14. The 90s were a magical decade. Bunji Garlin takes you back with “1995
  15. Uncle Ellis, isn’t rocking much these days, find out why in “I Doh Mind
  16. She’s not 16 again, Patrice Roberts is a “Big Girl Now.”
  17. GBM Nutron goes back to his roots with “Calypso
  18. Bring out the rhythm section because Sekon Sta’s “Kings & Queens is heating up d place.”
  19. It’s pace on the road when Motto’s “Force” comes on.
  20. No matter how long the “D Journey” is you will make it, according to Devon Matthews & Ella Andell.
  21. Machel Montano believes that is “Your Time Now.”
  22. Kerwin Du Bois & Ultimate Rejects tells you to celebrate Life, with “Life Good.”
  23. Rupee has returned to the soca scene and trust that his song will have you “Tipsy.”
  24. Skinny Fabolous brings a slower energy track with “When The Lights Go Down.”
  25. Kerwin Du Bois has something for all the soca haters out there. Check out “Diz Iz D Band.”
  26. Once you hit the road, Salty wants you to be prepared to “Free Up Yuhself” and wine.
  27. Ricardo Drue wants you to “Stamp Yuh Name.”
  28. All through the week before Carnival you know you were pulling a King Bubba and Calling In Sick.”
  29. Rupee express his total love for soca music in his hit “I’ll be Ok.”
  30. Underrated song for the season “De Tribute (Jook & Jook)” features iTron aka Dawg E Slaughter’s tribute to Scrunter.
  31. There’s only one type of behavior on J’ouvert morning. You guessed it, It’s only “Dutty Behavior” by One Voice.
  32. MYA tells his haters to “Ray Tay Tay
  33. Marvay may not remember you name, but trust me he will 
    Know The Face.”
  34. The Vincy Boss, Skinny Fabolous gives us another hit with “Watch Thing.”
  35. When the girls eh whining again, Preedy and Salty urges them to “Bend Ya Back.”
  36. One bottle of rum is not enough for him, Farmer Nappy likes his rum in “Abundance.”
  37. Erphaan Alves says he “Cyah Wait” for all the girls that will be on the road Carnival Monday & Tuesday.
  38. This artist loves when you calling out his name, Shal Marshall is “Famous” for this hit this carnival season.
  39. A song that had three different producers, created this unique yet interesting contribution for Blaxx’s “Ranking Ting”.
  40. According to Machel Montano, soca music is the best thing to “Wake Up” to.
  41. Ultimate Rejects on a roll this year and consistent, just check out “Stage Gawd.”
  42. Yuh cyah hold Kerwin Du Bois down at all. “Is We” is the primary example of this.
  43. The Writer uses his whit and clever writing skills for “Hunt 101.”
  44. On the road carnival Monday, we will have “No Code” just like Teddyson John & the Roy Cape All Stars.
  45. Real Talk, for Carnival Machel & Dloxx want all the criminals and badmind people to stop the violence and “Take It Down.”
  46. Flipo and the Ultimate Rejects tell the story of heart-break with “Addiction.”
  47. Asteen Issaac knows once the rum done, the friends done too. They were never real friends, they were “Rum Friends.”
  48. Terri Lyons says that she is the real “Lion” and trust me you want to hear her ROAR.
  49. Menace aka M1 and GBM Nutron were On D Inside” of all the big fetes this carnival season.
  50. First time soca artist, Milko is finding the “Carnival Way” this season.
  51. If you are a fan of Traditional Chutney Soca, you will enjoy Climaxx & Hitman’s Chana Daye.”
  52. One of the most beautiful and underplayed songs of the season comes down from Blaxx with a song called “Life Over Death.”

Loving the list? You can catch the hits here in the 2017 Soca Take Over!

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