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5 faces of customer service in Trinidad and Tobago

Co-written by Rochella Providence

Sometimes it’s almost impossible to find exceptional customer service in Trinidad & Tobago. From the fast food restaurants to the government offices and other business establishments, a huge majority of these businesses have poor service. Almost every Trinbagonian can testify of a horrible experience that was supposed to be an attempt of quality customer service. It’s unfortunate, but true. Now, this is not to say that there aren’t places where service is outstanding, because there are. However, customer service is an area where the actions of one bad apple spoils the entire bunch. So let’s take a look at what we really face on a daily basis in terms of customer service.

5. Once you enter the establishment you get the “What Yuh Want” Face

4. As you place your order you swear you’re talking to a wall because all you see is a “blank face”

3. As you wait for your order instead of a smile you usually get and “no face” because it’s down in their phones

2. You receive your order and when you ask for extra napkins you get the “stueps” face

1. God forbid you get the wrong order, they will look at you with the “I didn’t do anything wrong face.”

Hopefully, as a nation, we can recognize our errors and make the necessary adjustments rather than brushing it off with a ‘well, say wah!’ Improvement starts with recognising what is being done wrong. We have to treat each other better as Trinbagonians.

Below is a list of our favorite places that has good service.

  1. Town Restaurant in Port of Spain
  2. Super Wings in Point Fortin
  3. Paprika-Bistro in Woodbrook
  4. Wrap works Deli in Woodbrook
  5. Khalid’s in San Fernando
  6. Originals on Cepiro Road, San Fernando
  7. Kings in Duncan Village

Shout out some places with great service in the comments below.

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