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43 soca tunes shaking up Vincy Mas 2018

Saint Vincent & The Grenadines is the home to the baddest power and ragga soca and you know they doh party normel. We’re highlight some of the dope chunes to check out for the season.

Here’s 43 songs you should know for Vincy Mas 2018. Not feeling to read, just listen to all of them on the 2018 Vincy Soca Take over MixHance- Deja’ Vu (2018 Vincy Ragga Soca Release)

  1. Fimba wants everyone to mind they “Funky Business” and enjoy the mas.
  2. Zeek brought the ultimate wet fete anthem with “Wet It Up.
  3. Problem Child brought a “New Anthem” to top his road march hit from last year.
  4. All the girls really “Love De Road” it’s one thing Problem Child is sure about every carnival.
  5. There’s a group of people who defend soca musicSkinny Fabulous calls them the “Avengers.”
  6. If you feel like you been here before and did this before, Hance advises it must be “Deja Vu.”
  7. When you see Hypa 4000 on de road for J’ouvert, you already know it’s “Top Man” in the place.
  8. The price of “Eggplant” went up after Small Circle released this big tune.
  9. There’s one thing that Hance & Rodney Small share is their “Love of Pan.”
  10. Grabba Finesse claims that “Peaches Mother” wants to stop the fete
  11. Fireman Hooper brings a gospel into the soca arena with his hit “Amen.”
  12. Wetty Beatz doh want the gyal dem to go low anymore, ladies time to go “Toe Low.
  13. The madness starts when Dat-C-DQ performs “Pressure Cooker.
  14. L pank knows Vincentians are ones to drink and party “Whole Night.”
  15. Mason encourages his fans to not drink and drive, if you drinking make sure you give yuh gal the “Car Key.”
  16. Luta created a new political party to defy the soca mafia, it’s called the “Play People Music (PPM)” movement.
  17. If you’re like Skinny Fabulous then you don’t participate in any Wobbly Wobbly business, if you know that’s true but your hands “Up Straight.
  18. Nikki Pierre always cooking up chunes that are hot like “Pepper.”
  19. When Radio Vybz & Grabba Finesse link up they form the “Sick Bad” Posse.
  20. “Oh Gosh” is all L Pank could say when he finally get the dance with the sexy lady in de party.
  21. Oh what ah woman! Too bad Party Dawg has a serious ting going on with“Mrs Jones.
  22. I truly believe that Kingston is a “Naughty City”, Prezzi Don talks about that his chune.
  23. Primetime says the girls all over SVG want “The Hammer.”
  24. Problem Child made another girls anthem this carnival called “Dash It Out.
  25. Horn it sweet, and Mason is taking away “Somebody Wife.”
  26. Following a successfully 2017, Hance touches on all the “Blessings” that’s occured since inception.
  27. Fireman Hooper is “Waiting On You” to mash up the place when this tune comes on.
  28. Flanka says it have some man that too watchy watchy, he calls them “Macco Man.
  29. The young kids DxDP (Dymez x Da Pixel) came out the gate early with “Body” and it was one of the heavy hitters on the stationery riddim.
  30. When you see the wet fete getting nice, the DJ Drops “Water Bubble” from Mad King
  31. A couple of years ago he gave you bare pole, this year Napthali banging out “Bare Iron” for de gyals dem.
  32. Dymez x Da Pixel, Hypa 4000 and DJ Swagga linked to bring the ultimate BRUK Out chune, “Jump and Dip.”
  33. When you reach in the fete, King Maddzart recommends you find a space and “Own it.”
  34. Spade has a tune for all the ladies with plenty melanin, there’s “Something about you” that’s really special.
  35. How much fetes did you mash up in month? Wetty Beatz & Triniboi Juccie says “Allyuh Count.
  36. Sita The Lyrical Diva is the only vincentian who is representing in the Barbados Bashment soca finals “Bam Bam.
  37. Carnival Monday & Tuesday we doh wah no chaser, Skinny Fabulous says is only “Strictly Rum.
  38. Some of the ladies outta road are “Too Rude.” Jae Kali has a chune for them.
  39. Dynamite encourages his fans to beat yuh chest like “King Kong.”
  40. Fligh the future/feter brought a calmer vibe this year with his release “She Coming.
  41. Zeek didn’t only bring a watah song this year, he made a underrated ragga chune called “In Dey.”
  42. It’s only madness under Sunset giving Royall a “Bad Rep” this carnival.
  43. Lester and IPA brought one of the most rhythmic tunes for the season that didn’t get much love, it’s a “Tidal Wave.

Loving the list? You can catch the hits here in the 2018 Vincy Soca Take Over Mix

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