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50 chunes that will make you want to play a Jab for Spice Mas 2018

Written by Julian Rampaul & DJ JEL

Grenada came hard with the music this year. Here’s our hit picks (in no particular order) for Spice Mas. It may include some songs from Kayak mas that spilled over into Spice Mas. Are you ready for the JAB?

  1. Lost on the road Carnival Tuesday? Lil Natty and Thunda advises you to “Get in Yuh Section!”
  2. Jab King brought the ultimate dancing sensation with “Bat Ah Fly.”
  3. Jab. Is. Life. Mandella Linkz strongly believes this as he says “when ah dead, put Jab Jab on meh tombstone!”
  4. Dash gives us a reminder that everyone is “Gifted” in their own way.
  5. V’ghn brought the perfect song for people who fete too hard last night. “That look like Trouble in the Morning!”
  6. Look out! Mann says “D Zutee Coming!”
  7. Your first time in a fete will be crazy. Lots of things to see as Buckwild and Boyzie say, “Watch Ting!
  8. Can you imagine life without Soca music? As Pappy Boi says, “Thank God for Soca!”
  9. If you’re looking for Lil Natty & Thunda, just meet them on the road “Tomorrow.”
  10. Boyzie wants strictly energy. He tells us this with “Possessed.”
  11. Dash pays tribute to all the mothers around the world with “King to a Queen.”
  12. Lavaman makes one thing clear. “Jab Not Working on Jouvert.”
  13. Luni Spark and Electrify bring a new challenge, called the “Mash Up Challenge.”
  14. Single? Taken? Complicated? Blaka Dan suggests being a “Loyal Side Man.
  15. Alma Boy tells us about the time he committed a crime and “Thief Ah Wine.
  16. Nothing is ever enough for women, as Blaka Dan gives us his experience in “All I Have.”
  17. Boyzie speaks on behalf every Caribbean person. Wherever it have a fete, we “Up In It!
  18. Jab is nothing to play with. Jab King lets us know with “We Doh Play.
  19. Lavaman & Don Jahmel bring a tune to bun all the haters with “Badmind.”
  20. J. Xavier brings a song that has all the girls “waistline rolling like “Thundah.”
  21. Jab King warns you not to “Humbug D Jab” it’s Humbug you get get.
  22. Has anyone seen Lavaman or Slatta? Check in the last place they been fetting, as they say in their contribution “In the Morning.”
  23. Carnival sweet, and Shortpree echoes that “Best Part” is the girls girls girls.
  24. Jab is not inclusive to Grenada, as Lavaman recalls seeing a “Jab In Jamaica.”
  25. Alma Boy says what you don’t do for your woman “Ah Next Man” go do it for she. Take notes fellas!
  26. Terra D Governor explains his love for playing mas in “Massanism.”
  27. When Izzy playing a jab doh tell him nothing he go tell yuh this “Ah Doh Care.”
  28. Monday Night Mas is always something to see. V’ghn brings the perfect song for Monday Night with “Watch Mas.”
  29. Lil Natty & Thunda came together with Lavaman to talk about carnival. They simply put it, “Action.”
  30. No matter how much rum Lil Kerry drinks, he says “I Ent Giving Up!
  31. Lil Natty & Thunda collaborated with DJ Moss to bring a song for all the couples doing “Big People Thing.
  32. Muddy and his crew“Done Stupid Already” and they are ready for mas.
  33. 2018 Carnival in Grenada will be special. Shortpree invites all foreigners to come with “Chant of the Summer.”
  34. For Spice Mas, all Muddy wants is “No Drama” leave the dotishness at home.
  35. Mr. Gold’N expresses his love for Carnival in “Carnival Love.”
  36. Dash lets the world know that “We Doh Have No Flipping Sense!” in his song “Wild Up.”
  37. When playing a Jab in Wakanda, Lavaman says there’s “Certain Tingz” you can’t do.
  38. Lavaman and Jab King come together to bring what could be a new national anthem in Grenada called “Da Iz Mas.”
  39. Candle & Yardy said they are the first, but Dezy X says him and his crew will “Race to Fete.
  40. Shal Marshall and Skinny Banton collaborated to let people know dey “Head Not Normal.
  41. A wet fete isn’t a wet fete without Lavaman’s “H20.”
  42. Lil Kerry says nobody could step to his team when it comes to mas with his song “Oh Mama.”
  43. Terra D Governor brings a tune for ladies who would love to have a “Jab Affair.”
  44. When it comes to Jouvert, there is no color. Lavaman calls this “Camo Mas.”
  45. The Jab ambassador Tallpree doesn’t want any stushness for Carnival, telling his fans doh “Stand Up Dey.
  46. You know Jab King made sense when he says “Jab Doh Need You.” YOU need the Jab.
  47. Valene Nedd sings an anthem for all the strong women, telling the man if they leave, “Doh Come Back!
  48. Think you’ve found the one for you? Terra D Governor has the perfect song for you and your “Soulmate.
  49. Candle & Yardy show their dedication to feteing as they say “We The First” to reach.
  50. Just show V’ghn where the fete is, and he will be there at the speed of “Light.
Photo Credit: TriniJungleJuice

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