Limecast Episode 12: We’re talking UBER SOCA CRUISE 2018. The experience for true soca fans.

Let's talk Uber Soca Cruise 2018
Chandy Media

On this episode, we discuss Uber Soca Cruise. Our special guest is Chandy from Julians Promos . We share our thoughts on the line up and events associated with Uber soca cruise including, our favorite performances and some thoughts on how carnival has changed and evolved. So grab a drink and join us for this dope limecast session.  


What you need to know about our Guest Chandy:

 Chandy, is a writer, photographer and co-host for Julianspromos.com. She lives in Brooklyn, but her heart and soul in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. She is a devoted mother, and holds a Master’s in Public Administration. Her first love was always helping others and promoting her beautiful culture. Although she loves many genres of music, Soca is her husband, comforter and friend, it is her equal. Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed on the podcast are not necessarily views of Julianspromos.

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