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Erphaan is blazing up the scene with his latest 2019 soca contribution

The Trinidad & Tobago Carnival season has just barely begun and Erphaandelivering pure fire. As we noticed with Overdue, Erphaan bringing some amazing sensual soca songs early in the season. Blaze in Love stood out because it’s not just a song, it’s a work of art. First, the lyrical content talks about the feeling and passion of being in love. EA wrote the song himself and you can feel that he really put his all into the lyrical content. So glad to see Erphaan sticking to this theme and not making pure bumpa and wining songs. The song is extremely catchy so we think it’s gonna stick throughout the season. As well as that, Erphaan’s vocals blew me away. He’s extremely skilled.

Second, the production is absolutely incredible. It has a great groovy vibe and complements Erphaan’s style very well. Big up to Lunatix and Precision Productions.

Blaze In Love Music Video

The music video is one of our favorites of the year. The visuals, dancers, choreography, metaphors and seeing Erphaan as a priest represents the meaning of the song incredibly well. The color schemes and transitions were different and really cool. Big up to Sir Ian Davis. Overall, this is one of our favorite songs for the 2019 T&T Carnival season. We can’t wait to see what else EA brings.

What do you think of Blaze In Love? Let us know in the comments below.

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