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GBM Nutron says Practice makes perfect for Trinidad Carnival 2019

GBM Nutron started the 2019 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival season with pure fire. From the first listen, we fell in love with this song. We have a feeling it’s gonna take 2019 as one of the most popular and catchiest songs. We heard it here and there on the Uber Soca Cruise, but believe that we walked around with our own speakers blasting this chune for the soca world to hear. Lyrically, the song has multiple catchy hooks.

1)”Bend over, practice, for di work, gyal brace” 2) “Wine to di, wine to di base sound, keep wining yuh, wining yuh waste now. 3) The Lord Kitchener sample of “Sugar Bum”

Nutron paid a special homage to legend to Calypso legend Lord Kitchener. You can see a photo of him in the video. Really creative way to put a modern spin on the classic song. As for the production, it’s a bass heavy melody with high quality production. This beat shows that sometimes, less is more. It also has that classic GBM futuristic sound. Overall, We’re not surprised because GBM Nutron is a talented writer, singer and producer. He’s an all in one artist continuously pushing soca to new levels. We think this song is gonna be big.

Additional details:

Producer: GBM Productions

Written by: GBM Productions

Video by: Ayanna Carter, Ricky Letten, Jason Carter

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