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7 things every soca artist needs for success

Photo Credit: Farmer Nappy Team

The long season is upon us and soca artists are working around the clock to touch up their releases for carnival season. We recently sat down with Adanna Asson, a respected publicist in Trinidad & Tobago.

Adanna is well known for her PR agency Creative Media PR. She’s worked with artists like Kerwin Du Bois, Patrice Roberts, Skinny Banton, Ricky T, Voice and Lyrikal, just to name a few. In the past five years Adanna and her team has seen a drastic change in the way soca artistes have been treating their craft.

There are a few things every artist should consider when it comes to the success of their career. Having a hit song is great, however there’s a lot more work that needs to be done keep your name out there and maximize your potential as an artist. Here are the seven things every soca artist should have!

7. Biography & professional photos

Erphaan Alves Professional Photo

A biography is very important to have when you are starting off. It should contain key points about yourself, noteable achievements etc and any interesting information so the public and media could learn more about you. This is helpful for assisting media presenters and press prior to interviews and TV features.

Professional photos are ideal to control the narrative of your brand also.

6. Creativity

Clip from “My Side” by Sekon Sta & Patrice Roberts

In many instances the talent does not want to be bothered with too many things outside of the music. I get it, the music is your art and passion but there are other things that you will need to sell yourself and your brand. I always suggest that creativity be considered when working on projects. Try not to be cookie cutter or do what other artists are doing.

Try to standout as it pertains to branding, cover art, music videos and other promotional materials.

5. A Social Media presence

Getty Images

It’s 2018, you should be on social media and there is no excuse for you not to be. There are a lot of social media channels out there and you don’t need to be on every one, however you should at least have a presence on the popular ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or YouTube.

Social media is the easiest way for your fans to remain engaged with you. You should share your releases, sneak peaks and give a glimpse into who you are an artist. Nothing should be forced.

4. Product / Soca Track

My House Music Video- Farmer Nappy

Obviously, there should be a product available. It is not quite possible for you to be working towards being a soca artist without having music. Now the topic of quality music is quite touchy and I am no musical expert. This is what I am going to say to you, your mother, grandmother and siblings are not usually experts either (in some instances they may be). My advice is to find critical listeners who are able to provide unbiased feedback.

3. Personality and Image

Patrice Roberts performance | The World Is Rich Photography

In this business you really need to be personable. Besides that it would only make sense that people are able to relate to you as well. This ties into the topic of building your fan base. The quality of music is going to help you capture attention but something has to keep the interest. Not everyone will like you but those that do will always be willing to drop your name and good works once they can relate to you.

2. Business Mind Set

That business mind set is important. I’m not saying you need to know how to start your own business from scratch but here’s some skills you definitely need to:

  1. Understand how to budget
  2. Reinvest into projects
  3. Monetize your intellectual property
  4. Utilize proper planning as it relates to long term strategy and success
  5. Learn how to negotiate
  6. Maintaining relationships – This business works heavily on recommendations. The network is small and interactions should be handled respectfully as much as possible.

1. A Solid Team

Team EA Launch 2018

I know it sounds very simple but a team can make or break you. The size of the team doesn’t matter, but you need a group of people who are honest and willing to tell you the truth. No YES men/women allowed. Constructive criticism is a must and the people you pick for your team should be able to do just that. It isn’t always going to be easy, but the rewards are there.

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