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The soca artist that could give Iwer a run for his money!

Now we normally expect a water song from Iwer George, but 24-year-old Chezeek Gumbs, better known as “Zeek” brought the wet fete vibes from early. Zeek currently has the biggest water soca song out right now. The reactions when the song plays is phenominal. Out of nowhere water is thrown in the air. “Wet It Up” is mashing up every soca fete across the world. With major performances at Miami Carnival, Uber SocaCruise and other fetes across the globe, Zeek brings the vibes of Vincy Mas through his energizing performance.

For those of you who never experienced a carnival in Vincy, you must go! One of the most anticipated events of the season are Wet Fetes. The two which is biggest fetes for the season are “H20 Soca” and “Cheapah Watah.”

According to a recent interview with Boom Station, this is Zeek’s first year on the scene and his first release wasn’t “Wet It Up.” Rather than starting off with a power song, Zeek’s first release was a ragga (groovy) soca song, “In Dey.” The water song was written and produced in a matter of hours, to Zeek’s surprise he never thought the song would blow up the way it did.

Here’s those responsible for “Wet It Up”

Production: Marly Production SVG 
Writers: Zeek
Mix & Mastered By: Wetty-Beatz Productionz
Riddim: Crazy Mood Riddim 2018

All of that being said, this isa big soca track to throw away the stush vibes and bring the pace. Now that Shal Marshall jumped on the remix, we expect it to blow up the soca scene.

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