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The Dominican producer behind the monster soca hit “Famalay”

Dada Muzic

It’s the song that dropped earlier this month and ripped up the place. “Famalay” by Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin and Skinny Fabulous is the ultimate fete anthem of Trinidad Carnival 2019. A few days following its release, it jumped to the top of the iTunes most downloaded reggae songs list.

This bouyon influenced track was produced in Dominica by Krishna “Dada” Lawrence. Dada has worked with top soca artists like Azaryah (formerly known as Flipo) as well as four time road march winner, Problem Child. We recently caught up with Dada to discuss how it all came together.

Famalay Lyric Video

Q: How did the collaboration come about?

A: The collaboration came about from a discussion that International Stephen and I had in St Lucia back in late November. I had this riddim already but it was going to be used for another project but decided to use it for this one. We sent it to Skinny Fabulous, who built the concept of the track and wrote it as well. Skinny then reached out to Machel who loved it instantly, then Garlin who approved quickly as well.

Q: How important is it that your productions have a bouyon sound?

A: It’s important that my productions have a “Bouyon Sound” because I’m from the island of Dominica where I am the elite music production maestro and its imperative that my sound reflect my culture. This bouyon sound is what sets Dada Muzic apart from the rest in this Soca industry.

Black 2 Blue Famalay Response

Q: How is it being received in your home country of Dominica?

A: This song “Famalay” from its release on January 4th, the song exploded like a bomb in Dominica for a couple reasons:

1. Machel Montano, VIKING and Skinny Fabulous are really loved down here. 2. The fact that this trio could use a bouyon style rhythm to do such a wicked collaboration really surprised the people and had them over the top with excitement. The track is currently the biggest most popular track down here.

Q: Who are some artists you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

A; I just want to create more hits in this business. I would love to continue working with Bunji Garlin, cause I have always been a fan of Garlin from ever since his International Soca Monarch days. Machel Montano, because of his extreme versatile nature. I feel we can make a lot of Hits together. Not forgetting the likes of Benjai, Destra, Kes The Band and other top tier artist of the soca industry.

Take a listen to Famalay:

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