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The first soca riddim released for Jamaica Carnival 2019

Leh We Go JA Carnival 2018 Highlights

The carnival season is fast approaching Jamaica and soca music is already pumping in Jamaica. As we come closer to April, expect to see more soca releases specifically for Jamaica Carnival (JA Carnival) 2019.

This week, Stadic, Jonny Blaze and LehWeGo.Com dropped the “Bike Ride Riddim.” Jonny and Stadic wanted to be innovators in this space and feel Jamaica Carnival is now a force that can’t be ignored and must have new music specifically created for this incredible Carnival.

This riddim features artists from both Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica. Representing Jamaica on the line up is Demarco and Mr. Vegas. From Trinidad & Tobago is Preedy and MX Prime from the Ultimate Rejects.

Bike Ride Riddim Album Cover

Stream the Bike Ride Riddim now on your favorite devices:

Who are your favorites on the riddim? Leave them in the comments below.

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