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5 reasons you should add track lists to your soca mixes

Soca DJs and Caribbean DJs alike, this is one you gotta read til the end.
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5. Listeners are requesting them non-stop


4. Shazam doesn’t have the best soca/dancehall filter

Shazam tries to identify “Come In She Country” by Spielberg

There is a lack of distribution for Caribbean music, especially new soca and dancehall tracks. It’s hard for Shazam or Soundhound to pick up on these songs.

In the future, I hope we could create a discovery app just for soca and dancehall music or at least have it integrated into the popular ones.

3. Googling lyrics isn’t great either

You know most listeners make up their own lyrics to the songs. I’m guilty of singing the songs with their wrong lyrics all the time. We are convinced we are singing the right lyrics, when we aren’t.

Songs like “Alive & Well” would be hard for us to search because, it doesn’t have the song name in the chorus.

2. Builds credibility for you as a DJ

Sounds of Arman | YouTube

DJs should get credit for presenting new songs to the public. One of the easiest ways DJs do this is through soca mixes. DJs introduce new music all the time in mixes, it would be easier to get the credit if the song is mentioned in the tracklist.

The extra level of credibility helps when the tracklist is linked to their website or mixtape page.

Through conversations with other DJs, I found that a majority of DJs don’t put track lists on any of their mixes. A lot of them mentioned that it took up too much of their time and that they didn’t see the value in doing it. In every one of my mixes, I make it my mission to provide the audience with one. Through this discussion, I think I was able to sway a few to think about it moving forward. Instead of keeping this information captive, I wanted to share with other DJs in the Caribbean music space.

Here’s a few DJs you can checkout that consistently put track lists

1. Helps Caribbean music spread for those that are exposed to it for the first time

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Caribbean music is a growing genre and outsiders are looking to us now more than ever. We have to do a better job at educating them on our music.

Hear this nah, let’s say someone recommends your soca mix. They love the songs but can’t seem to find them, wouldn’t it be awesome if they had access to the list of songs to learn them? This would totally help the music spread over time and that new listener would look to you for more mixes.

Can you name DJs who add track lists to their mixes? List them in the comments below and big them up!


  1. Well said. I love that you do this and encourage this behavior. Bklyn Psycho includes tracklists in his mixes, along with StratVincyBwoy and Daddy Joe Joe.

  2. I endorse this 100%! Even for hardcore soca lovers, there is so much music out there that it is easy to miss a gem or two. A track list makes it easy to go from the mix to the online store to purchase a new favourite!

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