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20 Doubles photos that will make your mouth water

Lemme get a doubles with slight nah!
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Doubles is a popular street food in Trinidad & Tobago. It’s often referred to as “a curbside culinary experience.” by outsiders. This delicious fast food dish was created by Indo-Trinidadian settlers.

A perfect doubles consist of two baras (flat fried bread) filled with curried channa (curried chickpeas). After that, you can customize how you want with various sauces, chutneys and of course pepper!

Let’s look at the various doubles creations

1. Doubles with slight and cucumber chutney

Food Bykian

2. Doubles with channa running out

Jenna G The Hijbai From TT

3. The hot and fresh one just tamarind chutney/sauce

Drifting Foodie

4. The one you eat by the roadside after it’s prepared

Dr. Vaseech

5. The early morning doubles

Foodie Nation TT

6. The piping hot one from your favourite vendor

Matthew Eats The World

7. The one you wrap and eat so!

De One Roti Shop

8. The homemade doubles you enjoy with plenty cucumber chutney

Simply Caribbean

9. The slight kuchela doubles

Trini Delite NYC

10. I need all my chutney and sauces to the side doubles


11. The more channa than bara doubles

Immaculate Bites

12. The fresh pepper on top doubles

Di Caripean Foodie

13. The chicken doubles

@2 With Everything

14. The Shrimp Doubles

Kashif Belfon

15. The whole wheat bara doubles

Sauce Doubles Miami

16. Tobago doubles

Taste Us Gourmet Tobago

17. Goat doubles

Taste US Gourmet

18. The bottom on fire doubles


19. Doubles in cake form

Bakery Treatz

20. Ah doubles with everything

Dale Jaimungal

How do you like your doubles? Share with us in the comments below.

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