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25 soca songs to know for Vincy Mas 2019

Vincy Mas 2019 is here. Check out some of our favorite hits for the season. The list includes ragga soca to controversial power soca that is destroying the rural carnivals.

Here’s 25 vincy soca picks from our team. Not feeling to read, you can also listen to 2019 Vincy Soca Mixes Here

1. The whole place will “Nasty Up” in Kingstown when Problem Child’s hit song plays.

2. We don’t know about you but Problem Child doesn’t look like “Isaac Hunt.”

3. Luta is all about the ladies. He feels that girls should be free to “Lehgo ting” on the road. 

4. This season, Hance had the opportunity to bring the downtown vibes to an “Uptown Party.”

5. Fonando says “No Soda” this year, soda is only a drink for likkle pickney.

6. You ever drink so much rum that you lose your shoe? Caspa G includes the story in his “Rum Diaries.

7. Wetty Beatz experimented the vibes of Dominican bouyon, power soca and creole to create “Syè Pa Melè.”

8. Skinny Fabulous reminds us that nobody bad like “Vincy People.” They are a different breed of people. 

9. Spielberg took a trip to Saint Lucia  and since then the girls over there want him to “Come In She Country.”

10. Jamesy P welcomes us to his homeland with “Soca Land,” the official song for Vincy mas. 

Photo Credit: Carib Vision

11. Hypa 4000 and Caspa G are no strangers to girl, matter a fact we can call them “Gyalists.”

12. They calling for Fireman Hooper to bring the soca “Injection.”

13. Sita encourages the ladies to share man in her latest hit “Matey.” 

14. You think your crew mad? The Riverside Boyz proved that they are “Madder Dan Them

15. Magikal proclaims that the England crew believes Vincy people are “Bloody Hell Crazy.”  

16. Problem Child proclaims his love for soca music with “Thank God for Soca.”

17. Dymez x Da Pixel doesn’t want any standing up in the band, automatic “Red Card.”

18. Hypa 4000, Tuffa and Hance linked up to bring “Spray It.” An anthem in the wet fetes. 

19. Madskull’s “Oreo” is an underrated ragga soca song for the season.

20. Chewalee made it a known fact that “Rum Cheaper Than Woman.”

21. Fimba’s “Neighbour” does only watch everything that he does. 

22. Ladies, Jamesy P wants you to roll your waist and show us your “Bam Bam Antics” 

23. Vincentians doh party normal, once Fireman Hooper chants, “Shake It Down” the fence will break down. 

24. Fya Empress reminds us that Vincy Mas is one of the few times in the year that the girls are out “In Excess.” 

25. Something Caspa G realized with two of his girlfriends, “Woman Run De World.”

Loving the list? You can catch the hits here in the 2019 VINCY SOCA TAKE OVER

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  1. Yeah loving the releases for vincy mas this year. Very creative with the descriptive listing btw. 👍🏾L

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