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40 soca songs that will make you get on dibby for Crop Over 2019

Crop Over 2019 is here. We're listing some the chunes to look out for in the season. Big up to DJ Ky for his contributions.

Don’t feel like reading. Listen to some Crop over mixes here

1. No matter what you’re going through in life, Marvay says you have to “Push and Go Through.” 

2. Ladies, they don’t want to be your man but Leadpipe x Jus-Jay reminding allyuh to call them “Sometime.”

3. Don’t confused the popular WCK hit for Lil Rick’sBalance Batty,” two different kinda vibes.

4. No matter how far a part Shaquille is from his woman, she will always be his “Darlin.”

Darlin Official Music Video

5. When crop over comes around it’s only “Love In De House,” just ask King Bubba FM.

6. Every year Biggie Irie manages to bring a sweet soca song for the season, this year it’s “Magic.”

7. Lil Rick doesn’t matter if yuh drinking whiskey or rum, you “Can’t Style Me.”

8. SK stole the night at Bashment Soca Finals with “Reverse”.

9. Mara Rose does wine dibby dibby dibby, can you “Handle It?”

10. He’s one of the most promising young soca artists out of BIM, Jus D came from “Nothing to Something.

11. We may not always know what she looks like, but King Bubba FM tells us that “She Always Bend Over.” 

12. Hypasounds embraces his lucian heritage and gave us “Feh Sa” for the crop over.

13. Jus D may teef WiFi to save data plan but “So What.”

14. What do you get when you fuse EDM with bashment soca? We imagine its something like 2 Mile Hill’sRun It.”

15. We eh know about you but when Crop Over comes around, we are in a “Fettin Mood” just like Lil Rick.

16. Don’t wait for him to approach you gyal, Nikita wants says you need to “Make a Move.”

17. As West Indians, one thing we can’t live without, TC says its “Music.”

18. Foreday Morning, you are bound to end up “Dutty” just like Joaquin.

19. #ItAintMe who have you doing badmind tings. So leave Lil Rick alone.

20. Kadooment day is a time for vibes. Mikey say no one should mess with your “Energy.”

21. Get dibby with Jagwa De Champ’sBounce.”

22. Edwin and Grynner’sGroundation” is stronger than any foundation.

23. In an attempt to build on the power soca vibes in BIM, Jus D and Shaquille brought a “Commotion.”

24. Lynchy knows that when it’s crop over, Bajans “Live to Party” 

25. You see you ova dey gyal? Your performance was so good that Lil Rick had to say “Yeah.”

26. Kadooment day, no bumpa is say Lil Rick warns that rel ting will get “Jam Down.”

27. Saddis encourages us to leave toxic relationships and be “Done Wid It.”

28. Defending his title this year, Mikey is bringing “Action Time Again” to his Soca Royale performance. 

29. Porgie go leave every bumpa confused, just tic toc and “Move.”

30. Ladies if yuh fed up of your boyfriend and his stupidness, Coopa Dan says it’s best to “Let Him Go.” 

31. Stiffy is revitalizing the power soca game with his “Flag Party”

32. If there’s one thing you should know about Shanta Prince is that she’s a “Rude Gyal.”

33. There’s just something about Walkes’Champions of Color” will get you moving on the road.

34. Scrilla wants bajans to Juk down the place like in the 90s, the energy in “90s Juk Down” embodies that kinda vibe.

35. Every gyal can tic toc but Scrilla wants to know can you shake it like “Jello?”

36. Rhea Layne doesn’t care who you are, once you in the fete it’s a “Doh Care” kinda jam.

37. A hard bashment soca track and a proper wuk up can cause Marz Ville to say “OMG.”

38. It eh have no time for long talking, Walkes only wants de gyal them to “Wukup and Bend.”

39. It’s time to board “Flight” 246 to Barbados, Nikita bringing the vibes while on board.

40. When Lavaman and King Bubba FM link up, the Greenz and Bajan collab causes people to get “Dotish

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