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50 soca songs that will make you play a jab for Spice mas 2019

Trini Jungle Juice

Special thanks to upcoming soca DJ, Julian Rampaul for his additions. Not feeling to read, listen to a 2019 Spice Mas Mix here.

  1. This spice mas Slatta is “Unbothered.” Leave him let he play a jab, he eh care at all. 
  2. Boyzie and Lavaman team up to deliver a serious message to all the “Chupid Man” who like to fight and mash up fete.
  3. Luni Spark and Electrify want to see flags in the air with their song “Bacchanal Party.”
  4. Everybody does horn. Just ask Lavaman and Hitz! After all, they said “Call Name Ah Go Whistle.”
  5. Since Inspector woman get the “Toy,” it took away all his joy. 
  6. Boyzie is determined to shell every fete this year “For Kim
  7. Ladies, Lednek doh want no bam bam made in China, show us the “Real Boom Boom” 
  8. Carnival is an extreme sport, and Lednek says that Spice Mas is apart of the “Carnival Premier league.” 
  9. Spice Mas means freedom. The St. Davids Boys Squeezehead, Muddy, Lil Natty, & Thunda tell us they feeling Free like Buju Banton for carnival this year with “Freedom.”
  10. Jab King wants everybody to “Start to Move Like Jab” on jouvert morning.
  11. No money? No problem. Lil Natty & Thunda tells us they “Going Still.”
  12. Even if you doh have money, Jab King, Chumx, and Afro Davi says “Ah Go Pay” just for the girls to get in the fete.
  13. V’ghn brings the anthem for all the badmind people with “Dirty Heart.”
  14. We received a warning from Skull Dawg this year; if you “Run Down Gyal”, your shoes will buss.
  15. Happyboy brings the perfect song for Monday Night Mas with “We Against The Road.”
  16. Soca is love, soca is life! V’ghn strongly agrees with “Soca Nice” 
  17. Jab King has the girls wining in Patois with his song “Ahtwah
  18. Don’t know what to drink when you reach Grenada? Lavaman suggests “Rivers and Ting.”
  19. Don’t take our word for it but Khalifa & Melo know that “Grand Anse” is where the real lime does be. 
  20. “Let your light shine, what’s for you will be for you just let your energy introduce your blessings.” Dash gives us some powerful lyrics in “Ah Telling Yuh.
  21. Make sure you have plenty oil when you see Lil KerryCome Around.
  22. Look nah when Carnival Monday comes, “Ease Me Up,” as V’ghn says it’s my time to free up. 
  23. A story of the Jab Nation being handed down from our ancestors is told by Dash with “Generation of Mas.
  24. Teddy Rhymes introduces Machel to the “Stink Behavior” Grenadians have to offer. 
  25. No matter how much fetting we do, Mandella Linkz says “Jab Doh Burnout.
  26. You ever hear a jab speak spanish? Tamantha Chole gives that energy with “La Vida Loca.”
  27. The doctor gave Runi Jay a “Diagnosis” and he found out he was a Jab.
  28. Lavaman and V’ghn link up with Skinny Fabulous to tell us nobody doh bad like “Jab People.
  29. From Carriacou to Grenada, SlattaWukking High.
  30. The future of soca is in good hands as Kids Soca Monarch TJ says, de “Future Bright!
  31. Ladies, KFC cyah hold Rasta. Terra D Governor tells us his story with “Matilda.
  32. St. Patrick’s people, hold on tight. “De Return” from Boyzie will be deadly.
  33. Mr. Killa claims we all have a jab inside we and we just have to “Leggo De Jab!
  34. Every year Spice Mas gets better and better and Abby says this will be the “Mas of the Year.
  35. Lil Natty and Thunda bring a classic power soca to have everybody “Jamming.
  36. Muddy tells promoters if they book him, it will turn into a “Stagga Party.
  37. Whoever keep horning Skinny Banton, stop it nah. He only asking what ah do “Wrong Again?”
  38. Lavaman and Boyzie talked about d Chupid Man, but Khalifa made sure and spoke about all d “Chupid Girl”.
  39. Jab is nothing to be afraid of. Bubbah tells us to play Jab yuh need a “Brave Heart.
  40. Lavaman expresses his love for rum and steel pan (wink wink) with “Rum and Pum Pum.
  41. Valene Nedd invites her friend “Wung Fu” to come from China to play Jab.
  42. Voice links up with Travis World and Grenada’s own TallPree for “Dis Is Mas
  43. Afro Davi & Chumx call for all the “Powerpuff Girls” to come to Grenada for Spice Mas this year.
  44. No matter how drunk Muddy is, he have to give all de gyal “Hard Wuk.
  45. Barbados and Grenada gave us a surprise when Allison Hinds and Wuss Ways collaborated to give us “Heavy Machine.”
  46.  Khaos and LED show their pride for Spice Mas with “Best Mas.”
  47. Unity is strength. Terra D Governor proclaims this with “Black Power.”
  48. Terra D Governor tells us about a foreigner who justs wants to “Blow Jab.”
  49. The ways the ladies does wine in Grenada have Pappy Boi Undecided.”
  50. Alma Boy will do anything for the gyal and dem, so “Wuk Out.” 

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Uncommon Caribbean

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