Limecast Episode 19: How does whining work in a relationship?

On this Limecast we welcome our newest member Ashley. We also tackle the very important issue of whining. Should your significant other wine with other people in a fete or on the road for carnival?


  1. Hey Jako,

    Ahaha, sorry you feel cheated by the limecast. We tried to cover as much as possible in our one hour span. I can’t speak for Richie, but something of the sort happened during Trinidad carnival. I wasn’t thrilled about it, but respectfully said not interested and walked away.

  2. 1. I have to admit I do have a problem with another man grinding into my girl front ways or back. But I have come to terms that winen is a part of Caribbean culture/customs. So, I agree with Richie that if I go out my girl it’s because I’m trying to have a good time with her on our night out. But if we are at separate fetes then it is ok to just tief a wine

    2. WeIl I felt cheated by d limecast! I didn’t like how the question of if Ashley’s man was wining on another man was avoided. i also want to know how DJ Gel and Richie would feel if a man came and wine on them in a party or on d road.

    A lot of you podcast and radio host personalities like to advocate for the LGBT and don’t forget the Z for Zoolian, knowing that you have a problem with certain behaviors that they have.

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