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Abdiel has a Soca Fetish

Hi, HELLO…. My name is Jel and I have a Soca Fetish.

As Trinbagonians, there’s one thing the majority of us love to do and it’s mostly fetting. Upcoming soca star, Abdiel has packaged this so called feeling into his latest release “Soca Feteish.”

Abdiel in the studio

Hailing from Arouca, Abdiel is one of the most talented youths in Trinidad and Tobago right now. Popularly known for “Show Me,” Abdiel’s latest contribution brings a refreshing taste to listeners. The play on words in “Soca Feteish” is one that everyone can relate to.

Fetish- a form of desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object

Merriam Webster

Carnival lovers on a whole have a need to fete from Boxing Day straight to Ash Wednesday. That desire to party, fete and enjoy soca is not unique to one person.

Executively produced by: Adolfo Quan (DJ Willy Wonka)
Produced by: Josiah “JOTT” Noray
Written by: Shumba Mahluli and Abdiel Matamora
Mixed by: Andre “Dre Major” Stewart Mastered by: Precision Productions

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