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The thing that every party promoter and event planner will need in 2020

On the DSA team, we admire great marketing and creative talent. At times, Richard Ramsundar (DSA’s co-founder) and I usually come to the conclusion that great marketing is difficult to find in the Caribbean/West-Indian entertainment scene. One major contributor is the lack of investment and the tools to do so. Based on the trends, video marketing will account for good bit of online marketing in 2020.

If you aren’t investing in having a videographer for your event then you will lose in the long term. Video is a major part in how the world consumes content on social media.

Below are a few things that Richard recommends on how promoters can stay ahead as it comes to video marketing.

What promoters should look for in a videographer

Promoters should search for a videographer who understands the promoter’s brand, the type of event, the crowd and how to translate all of that into an a video that tells a story of the event.

“I urge promoters to not search for the cheapest videographer or to only study price. Instead,  search for someone who truly understands what he or she is doing and how they use their skills to elevate your brand.”

-Richard Ramsundar (The World is Rich Productions)

Great videographers are not cheap and that has to do with the extremely long hours that go into not just filming but editing. But having someone that understands your vision, how to harness and sell that is worth every penny. Your chosen videographer is part of your team and will create something to represent your brand and push it to the next level.  Videography is a major part of marketing and it should be invested in. 

What should the videographer capture during the event?

Richard captures video footage at Miami Broward County Carnival

This will vary based on the promoter and type of event but most importantly, you need to capture the people. They are the main supporters & customers of the event. 

My style is to capture people candid and not posed because I find this really conveys the vibe of the party or event. Second, if there is a performer or main stage DJ, you must capture them too from different angles and styles. Third is audio. Sound is just as important as visuals! Human beings have multiple senses. You have to engage all of them and live audio helps throw people into the moment of the event. It’s not easy to do, but it makes a huge difference in your videos. Lastly, never forget the fine details like food, drinks, decor sound systems, banners and more. 

It will cost you more if you don’t invest now

Promoters risk loosing out on future business and different crowds by not investing in video work. We live in a world where we are all competing for people’s attention on social media. While it may be great to have a crowd right now, what are the demographics? In order to continue having future events, you must appeal to the next generation and most of them are on social media.

There’s a global demand from it with entertainers and promoters from all over the world

Richard photos of Kees from Kes The Band

I worked alongside Machel Montano as his personal photographer in Saint Lucia and Guadeloupe. I also worked with Kes the Band’s and Nailah Blackman for a various events.

I have also created photos and concert recap videos for Shenseea, Farmer Nappy, Erphaan Alves, Mr Killa, Shal Marshall, Timeka Marshall, and many more. If I’m not working with artists I usually freelance for various NYC nightclubs and Caribbean businesses like Maracas NightClub, Elevate Skylounge and Ross Code Lounge Mazi Nightclub.

You need more than a flyer

Photography is another medium you can use to tell the story of an event, people and artists. What differentiates my work is that I capture photos of the artists, people and event in a clean, sharp & vibrant manner to really tell the story of the night and make people feel like they were actually there. 

Animated Flyer for carnival event in Houston, TX

Motion graphics include things like animated flyers and advertisement videos. This combines highlights videos and recaps with text and vibrant animations to make the advertisement for your event stand out. 

When you go to an event, it’s not enough to have a few cell phone clips or hope that those posting everything on Instagram will promote your event or brand for you. Those things work well in the moment, but for the long term, you need professional videos to show people if you want your event to stand out and keep your brand alive on the internet. You need photos and footage to create advertisement videos for the internet, to put on monitors, LED screens and more. Understand all of this is a digital marketing investment. Moreover, understand you’re capturing essential memories and moments in time that you will never get back.

Drone shot of Uber Soca Cruise J’ouvert. | NH Productions

Video marketing works! I telling yuh it does..

Clients who invested in video said seen both an increase in social media engagement, followers and crowd turnouts. Most importantly, they have seen an increase of brand awareness on social media.  Through videos, customers have a better understanding of what event promoters have to offer. Videos help sell the brand.

If anyone ever asks “What is your event?” The easiest thing to show them is a video.

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