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Why every soca artist should be on Twitter

Although Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok are popular social media channels, there’s one major one that everyone forgets. In the last two years, Twitter has seen a major increase in the number of West Indians. Popular users include Kes The Band, WI Match and The Proud Caribbean. 

If they’re on there and seeing success, you should too. 

Still not sold?  Here’s solid reasons why you artists need to stop slacking and get on Twitter. 

Your fans are on there, and you need to respond to them.

There are people out there that are talking about you and your song(s). If anything, they are most likely your ideal listener. Twitter provides an opportunity for you to build your core audience and following. Believe it or not, fans will remember the time you responded to them on Twitter. 

Soca Artists are on there, but it’s still a minority

Slatta, Erphaan, Nailah Blackman, Sekon Sta and Kes The Band are just a few names that are on there engaging with their fans. 

It’s a great platform to break through the clutter and put your own voice out there

Unlike Instagram (which is about likes and great photos), on Twitter you can be free to voice your opinion, and talk about likes and dislikes. Soca Royalty, Nailah Blackman does a great job of this in her tweets.

Grenadian artist Slatta uses Twitter to be himself while engaging with his fans.

This is your chance to share exclusive content, premieres and get one on one feedback. 

Twitter is very direct platform and soca fans are usually excited about upcoming releases. Your content can and will go viral. This is the one of the many places to build excitement and get first hand feedback. 

Posting from Instagram is NOT acceptable

When you post videos and photos from Instagram, they do not show up in the Twitter feed at all. Matter a fact, they show up extremely messy and most users ignore it.


You can get more likes, views, retweets and followers if you post it directly on Twitter, it takes like 2-3 more minutes of your time but it’s worth it. 

Artists in other genres use it heavily

Outside of the soca circuit, major afrobeat, reggae and hip hop artists like Burna Boy, Chronixx and Nicki Minaj use Twitter to build their fan base. 

Final thoughts

If you’re really serious about engaging with your core fans who love soca then you definitely need to be on Twitter. There are real conversations about soca artists, music and DJs on there. It’s best that you’re apart of it now and cultivate your hard core fans. 

Need help starting? Tweet me @Jelinthemix or @DiSocaAnalyst

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