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7 mistakes soca artists should NEVER make

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Disclaimer: We’re not targetting any artist in particular. As entertainers, we ALL make mistakes. However, we want to see soca artists prosper and grow into established artists without making mistakes that can cost them their career.

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No long talking: Here’s our top seven mistakes that artists should avoid at all costs.

7. Fight with other artists, promoters or supporters

This industry is very small and people do talk. Your reputation can be ruined by a simple altercation with another promoter, artist or fan. We know that things are not easy to navigate in the industry, but try to channel your frustration and anger in different ways. One bad move and your career will end before it even starts. People won’t take a chance on you, if you’re bringing bacchanal and drama to shows.

6. Spend out all the money you make when you have a hit song

Jacqueline Jing Lin

You have to treat your artistry as a business. At the very least you should re-invest 20% or more into your craft. Some of the most legendary artists invest a lot on themselves and their brands. In order for you to have a hit or at least a song in rotation next soon, you’ll need money to invest in a songwriter, producer and marketing.

5. Drink your own kool-aid

Don’t believe that you are the only person involved in making good music. Continue to learn and understand that you have a lot to learn. Boasting about having the biggest song in the world is NOT the way to go. It can cause you to become overconfident and cocky. That can mark the end of your career as well. Do your best to remain humble and remember that you have to continue to work hard to get to where you are.

4. Skipping rehearsals and not practicing your sets

Mr. Killa practicing “Rolly Polly.”

In this industry you’ll hear that, “you’re only as good as your last performance.” Although the soca market is still small, it is highly competitive and your stage performance is what helps sell you as an artist. Most importantly, your performances can help sell your songs. In order to remain competitive, you have to practice and rehearse. We realise that this seems quite obvious, but some artists in the industry don’t do it and are often unprepared when performing.

3. Bash any of your listeners or audiences publicly 

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Soca music is a growing genre and it is enjoyed all over the world. This means that every group you can think of is the listening audience. People from all different walks of life is an audience for you and they may enjoy and stream your music. Keep that in mind if you speak out publicly about a certain group or make music that may offend a group of people, it can affect your career.

2. Pick the wrong manager to manage you

Don’t sign on dutty contract

Obviously, it helps to have a manager to secure shows and gigs for you to make money. However, a manager’s role is to support you in other roles besides bookings. A great manager always has your best interests at heart and encourages you to grow. The main role of a talent manager is to guide your professional career. They look for opportunities outside of shows. Your manager should have a solid business sense, knowledge about digital distribution and how to manage your public image.

1. Skip out on the gym

Animated Fay Ann, Nailah Blackman and Nessa Preppy

Fitness is a major part, especially as it pertains to performances. Countless times, we see artists who are performing can’t catch their breath. As a performer, it’s important for you to have energy and stamina while you perform, otherwise you won’t engage well with the crowd. Make it a habit to exercise and stay physically fit. If need be, think about hiring a trainer. 

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