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10 Machel quotes you need to hear from The King of Soca

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Machel Montano is undisputedly the king of soca. He is a man of knowledge, good vibes and a leader in soca. Here’s some of our favorite quotes from the King himself.

10. “Everything you do must be rich in heritage and rich in potential for the future”

-Caribbean Insights TV 1997

GIF credit: Amazing Facts India

9. “Education is just to help you understand people and that is the most important thing we are here for. We’re here on the earth to understand people and to deal with people. When you can’t communicate, there’s a total breakdown.”

-Caribbean Insights TV 1997

Photo Credit: Jermaine Cruickshank

8. “The more you put out will always come back to you. The more energy I put out…is the more energy I transferring to my crowd…onto my people…onto my fans…and in turn…a boomerang effect and it come right back to me.”

– Caribbean Insights TV 1997

GIF Credit: NH Productions

7. “During a performance, once you please di ladies, di fellas behind will be pleased too.”

-GBTV Interview 1995

Machel Montano- Fast Wine (Official Music Video)

6. “Mix tradition, which is the past, with the future, which is technology, and bring it into the present moment.”

-Q on CBC Interview 2016

Machel and Calypso Rose

5. “Soca is a unity music a unifying music you know it’s a soundtrack of carnival today you know we call it the sound of the Caribbean or the sound of carnival.”

-Q on CBC Interview 2016

Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

4. “My dream for soca is to be shared with the world. Soca was created through unity, so Soca is love. People feel love…people share love…they go home and make love.”

-Machel concert 2018

Feel The Love GIF | Freetown Collective & DJ Private Ryan

3. “The philosophy behind carnival has to be …part of the education…part of the sharing. What playing mas is, what playing J’ouvert is what puttin’ on the king and queen costume is about but we want to embrace all cultures.”

Q on CBC 2016 Interview

Video Credit: Living Big on a Tiny Island | Kings & Queens Competition

2. “Life is everlasting and it’s an infinite stairway to heaven…the only thing constant is change.”

-OJO World 2020

1. “They teach us that you have to succeed or that you have to beat the other radio station, or that you have to beat the other artist but really and truly we hardly spend time focusing on how much cooperation works more than competition.”

-2011 BBC Radio Xtra

BBC Radio Xtra

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