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8 chutney soca artists you should know

Photo Credit: Guyana Times

Chutney soca was established by Indo-Caribbean migrants that settled in Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and Suriname. The genre is a crossover style of music incorporating soca and calypso elements with English and sometimes Bhojpuri (traditional chutney) lyrics.

Chutney soca is synonymous with some western influences like the guitar, piano, drum set, and Indian instruments such as the dholak, harmonium, tabla, and dhantal.

If you are new to chutney soca music, check out these artists

8. Terry Gajraj

Terry Gajraj

Songs to check out:
Guyana Baboo
Corona Corona (feat Nishal B)

7. Sally Sagram and Xtreme band

Sally Sagram

Songs to check out:
Handy Man
Go So Nah
Dheere Baho Nadiya

6. Omardath Maraj

Omardath Maraj

Songs to check out:
Barsaan Lagay
Devanand (feat Raymond Ramnarine)
Bacchanal (feat Ravi B)

5. Adesh Samaroo

Adesh Samaroo

Songs to check out:
Rum Till I Die
Rajin jeem jeem joom
I Aint Dotish

4. Ki and the Band

KI & The Band

Songs to check out:
Single Forever
Friends For The Night
Catch Meh Lover

3. Nishard M  & Neval

103 FM Trinidad & Tobago

Songs to check out:
Celebrate (Neval only)

2. Raymond Ramnarine and Dil E Nadan

Raymond Ramnarine

Songs to check out:
Ramsingh Sharma (feat Omardath)
Aur Chale (feat Destra)

1. Ravi B & Karma

Ravi B & Karma

Songs to check out:
Ah Drinka
Start Over

Who are your favorite Chutney Soca artists? Leave them in the comments


  1. Niceee, I’ll know some of the music but also some artist I didn’t know too. I’m gona check them out now, thanks for thy is educational piece

    1. Definitely check them out and let me know a few of your favorites. Thank you for your comment, i look forward to hearing back from you.

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