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Do sad soca songs exist?

Bunji Garlin | NPR.

Soca music is often referred to as happy music. It invokes a sense of euphoria and is often tied to carnival. Although it is tied to carnival celebrations across the Caribbean/West-Indian diaspora, there are soca songs that aren’t always happy. Soca artists feel that the genre limits them from expressing themselves. However, there are creative ways in using soca music to convey feelings.

Let’s take a look at some NOT SO HAPPY soca songs.

Poor People Song- Maddzart & Bunji Garlin 🇹🇹 🇻🇨

A song about the various inequalities in the world. Bunji Garlin was on the remixed version of this song.

In Your Eyes- Erphaan Alves 🇹🇹

“Fed up of you using me…. making a fool of me with all your hypocrisy, for too long I have been ‘Believing in your eyes too long’. ”

Erphaan sings about a very painful relationship in 2012. This song is on the popular Antilles Riddim which Kerwin Du Bois & Machel Montano also appear on.

Amnesty- Benjai & Machel Montano 🇹🇹

A soulful plea for gunmen to stop the violence in Trinidad & Tobago. As T&T’s murder rate continues to rise, Machel and Benjai took a break from the jump and wave to focus on serious issues.

Wishful Encounter- Bunji Garlin 🇹🇹

A tribute to fallen soldiers who have passed on and gone to the higher power.

Couldn’t Believe- Ziggy Rankin 🇹🇹

The riddim is so versatile that Ziggy Rankin dropped a different message on this one. In “Wishful Encounters,” Ziggy Rankin sings about a woman who left him.

Sleeping In Yuh Bed- Michelle Sylvester 🇹🇹

Michelle Sylvester is fed up. She uses her song “Sleeping In Yuh Bed” to talk about her dissatisfaction in her current relationship. This song also made her the first woman to ever win the International Groovy Soca Monarch in 2005.

Licks (Yuh Want To Rape)- Bunji Garlin 🇹🇹

Rape is a very serious topic and shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a result, Bunji Garlin takes his anger and channels it into this song.

Coofy Coofy Lie Lie- Bunji Garlin & Singing Sandra 🇹🇹

Bunji Garlin and Singing Sandra both really highlight their storytelling ability through music. For instance, Bunji paints a picture where a young woman he met lied to him about her occupation.

Isaac Hunte- Problem Child 🇻🇨

Problem Child using his clever writing skills created a play on words anthem. We all have an Isaac in our lives and this song represents our anger towards them.

Neighbour- Fimba 🇻🇨

Not all neighbours have sense, some love to be in your business and “maco.” If you have a neighbour who is too fast, this one speaks to them in an venting session.

It Ain’t Me- Lil Rick 🇧🇧

People will always have something to say and the haters will talk, but at times we don’t give a ramgoat/rasshole what no one says because they don’t have control over what you want to do in life. Lil Rick struck a nerve with this one and again its not tied to carnival.

In conclusion, there are other topics that have been explored in soca music outside of jump and wave, carnival and whining (wine).

What would you like to hear in soca music? Leave them in the comments below.

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  1. I definitely love the happy vibes in soca, but I believe there is room for a variety of moods… from sensual to conscious to outrage to conversational.

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