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Who are Di Soca Analysts (DSA)?

We are a media Team bringing soca music and caribbean culture to the world. Co-founded by Richie, Jel and Kendrix, we sought out to give West-Indian/Caribbean people a platform for the culture. Currently, we host a podcast, video channel and written blog which covers issues important to those in the soca industry and in the West Indian disapora.

Richie @TheWorldIsRich

I absolutely love soca music and my Caribbean culture. I started DSA because I believe Caribbean people have the power to change society and carve our space into the world. Growing up, I never found a platform that accurately represented my culture. DSA exists to give our people a voice. When I am not working on DSA, I work with soca artists to capture stunning iconic images and videos.

JEL (@jelinthemix)

I’m an International Soca DJ. Best known for my tagline, “The Soca Boss,” my mix podcast is one of the most popular mix/podcast series that reaches a wide audience across North america, the Caribbean and Europe. Personally, I’d like to be the #1 soca DJ in the world.

My passion is to promote Caribbean music and culture worldwide. I’m happy that DSA helps me share my love of Caribbean culture and soca music. One day, I hope that we have a soca music industry built out. I love doubles, wontons and taking foodie adventures. 

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I am a lovers of all things music travel and culture. Everyday is a learning experience for me. I lend an open ear to all thought and am constantly looking for new insight especially when I travel to a new place. I hope my open mindedness combined with my love culture and music can come together in harmony to provide a unique and refreshing approach.

Quevaughn “Q” Caruth (@Qneverwho)

I am a native New Yorker of Trinidadian and Jamaican descent with a profound love for soca music and Caribbean culture. As a writer, I aim to accurately document and promote our rare culture from a unique perspective. I am unapologetically enthusiastic about carnival culture, food, fetes, travel, and tech. Most of all, I love to witness and share with the world the positive vibes that unfold when the West Indian diaspora comes together as one. 

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I am of Trinidadian & Guyanese descent. In my 23 years my obsession with carnival & soca music continues to grow. I love my culture in every aspect & want to share it with the world, which is my reason for joining DSA. My passion for soca, mas, fete, & curry is like no other. One of my life goals is to experience the different carnivals all over & bring awareness to West Indian culture world wide.

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